Albuterol (tabs) Source?

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  • I’ve tried searching, but having VERY little luck - are there any domestic sources of Albuterol tabs?

    Or if not, verified international ones?

    (Been lurking and shopping for quite a while, but just made an account to finally ask this dumb question. Apologies if it’s in the wrong place.)


    Clenbuterol can also open airways.

    I don’t know if you used this stuff, but it can make you nervous and jittery. Great for sprinting sports that need explosive power.

    Watch out for the headaches when you come down.

    These aren’t domestic sources, but the shipping is pretty fast, much faster for the express international, the international of course is Indian and that takes a long time, but it’s a source.

  • I’ve used Albuterol extensively. I’m a big fan, and have found dosages I’m comfortable with, and ways to work around/with the jitteriness if it gets out of hand (L-Teanine nearly always stops any physical jitters - it’s the compound in green tea most associated with its reputation for aiding “focus” despite being a stimulant).

    From what I’ve read of Clen, I’m not interested. High dose albuterol is about the limit of my tolerance for stimulants, and the other sides just sound miserable, especially considering there seams to be added benefit of it over albuterol.

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