Cycle and PCT gtg?

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  • So I’m starting my 2nd cycle and I was wondering if this was a good overall plan.

    Week 1-6 Dbol 25 mg ed
    Week 1-10 Test E 250 mg 2x per week (500 mg total)
    Week 1-6 aromasin 12.5 mg eod

    Then PCT
    Week 12-13 HCG 750 IU 2x week (4 total)
    Week 14-15.5 HCG 500 IU 2x week (3 total)
    Week 15.5/16.5 HCG 250 IU 2x week (2 total)
    Week 16 Nolvo 40 mg ed
    Week 17 Nolvo 40 mg ed
    Week 18 Nolvo 20 mg ed
    Week 19 Nolvo 20 mg ed

    Pre-cycle Total Test blood work is 592 ng/dl, &
    free test was 148 pg/ml

    I was just looking for insight on any modifications I should make, thanks for any input.

  • Mostly good. I would not take any Asin for the first 3 weeks. Take bloods and see where your e2 is at. EOD could be a little much and crash you so you wanna make sure to dial this in properly.

    The dbol dose isn’t THAT high so you may be good with typical protocol of 12.5mg Asin on pin days, but again, dial this in with bloods.

    You’ll make it brah

  • Thanks for the advice bro, I’ll keep that in mind and make sure to get my blood work done!

  • what are the reasons again some people include/exclude clomid from their PCT alongside nolva/tamox? I fully admit being too lazy to research that currently 😞

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