Dbol: a good lean mass gainer or overrated?

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  • I have heard so many mixed experiences and reviews about Dbol. Some swear by it while others say it’s just a water buffalo inducer. Has anyone had actual good, clean, lean gains from it along with a strict diet and daily cardio regimen? Bodybuilders in the 70s popped them like candy and they looked great almost year round so it makes me wonder why all the hate now associated with Dbol. Let me know if anyone has had GOOD experiences from it. Thanks and keep lifting hard!

  • A good mass gainer, absolutely. The hate is associated with the fact that:

    A. anybody who is prone to gyno is going to be playing with fire while using it
    B. anybody who is estrogen sensitive is going to have theirs all over the place while using it
    C. if either of the former, AI and/or Nolva will have to be used, and likely in excess
    D. subq water retention. sure, the mass you’re gaining underneath might be lean, but you’re likely to retain some water subq during the run itself and many don’t want to have moon face and ugly skin for a month+ straight
    E. just overall more hassle than it’s worth in comparison to other drugs which don’t require the same amount of ancillary use, paranoia, and require you to be on 24/7 guard nipples/estro wise

    Now, if you aren’t gyno prone, aren’t estro sensitive, and don’t have an issue with subq water/don’t respond to it by retaining subq water, then it’s a terrific option and you’ll likely love it.

  • Ran SoCo’s dbol once, definitely bloated up quite a bit but I’m a powerlifter so I loved the strength. About to start another run in the next month or so. Overall I would say that I enjoy it quite a bit, still prefer anadrol since I don’t have any estrogen related issues with it tho

  • anadrol is like dbol but the extra water is IM due to increase in EPO. dat der hematocrit gainzzzz

  • I’ve never heard anyone consider Dbol gains to be ‘lean mass’ in variety; Dbol is for packing on strength and size with less regard for the quality of the size. Guys in the earlier days of gear usage were taking far lower doses of gear than current guys so they may have had less sides but also less gains. Not calling those guys small at all but put them on stage against modern mens open competitors and the current guys will be far larger by comparison so it’s a trade off you have to make with the dosing.

    If you’re just looking for good gains without a lot of water and fat, the best lean mass blast I can think of is Test, Tren, Var, Tbol. Var the whole blast, Tbol the first 8 weeks, Test at a dose that is equal to or lower than the tren dose. I’ve found when you have higher Test than Tren, it begins to lean toward a more bloated appearance whereas higher Tren promotes a dry look. Var can be cycled if you want but I’ve seen genuinely no negative effects in my bloods from running Var and Tbol together. I probably run lower doses than most, so if you’re thinking 100var + 100tbol that might become problematic but it’s based on your body of course.

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