Nandrolone Blues?

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  • I am about 8 weeks into my current blast. Running 525 Test and 420 NPP a week. Taking 12.5 mg Aromasin E2-3D and started with .125-.25 Caber E3D a couple weeks ago.

    I will be getting bloods this week. It seems that I have noticed myself being “down” or off feeling when I upped the NPP from 350 to 420 after week 4. I do not currently have any low or high estrogen symptoms other than just feeling more bluesy than normal. Does anyone else get this from Nandrolone?

    My original plan was to run for 16 weeks, but I’m honestly thinking of doing 10-12 now after I get bloods. I don’t want to blame the compound, but I remember reading something about Nandrolone potentially causing anxiety and depression.

  • on tren rn 500 a week, i think its just dem 19nors. Been feelin sad cuz of sugar mama problems and my E2 etc is all in range. I feel like for some people it doesnt matter if your bloods are perfect the compound may just mentally be different for you. Never ran deca or npp but I have heard some people say to run higher test with any 19nors. No idea on the broscience just what I have heard

  • Currently on this exact cycle, almost 4 weeks in. I read about this issue before I started my cycle and read that a lot of people use caber not only for the prolactin control but because it’s a dopamine agonist, that’s why some people use it through out the cycle even though their prolactin levels are normal. Basically 19 Nors have a tendency to cause depression and sleepless nights along with paranoia, caber being a dopamine agonist is a remedy for all of these side effects because it allows your dopamine receptors to release more dopamine into your brain and body which is kinda like a happy drug. That being said I picked some up from soco and every Friday I take 0.50mg and since I’ve been doing this from week 1 I’ve experienced no bad sides (expect a pip issue cause of mig840 but I figured it out). Some people will disagree and say that caber shouldn’t be used unless it’s for prolactin, some people will totally agree, that’s the difference between the guys that get the mental sides and the guys that don’t.

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