Who pins chest?

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  • Decided to try pinning chest for the the first time a few weeks ago and honest opinion I love it. Well it’s a love hate relationship because of how it goes down.

    First time I had my wife do it with a 27G 1/2 and 1CC, didn’t feel the needle break the skin but as the 1CC was going it i had a throbbing pain through my chest and lat and arm all the way down to my hand, that happened on both pecs.

    Second time I thought maybe she hit a nerve so I decided to do it myself, literally had to pull the needle out cause I could manage the pain and put the 1CC in at the same time.

    Third and fourth time were the same as the first.

    ***The reason I love pinning chest is because I get 0 pip from it, I seem to get way better chest pumps, I have no leakage at all, and after I’m done pinning if I stretch my chest I swear I can almost feel the oil spreading through it.

    Does this seem mental? Like the pain and everything is just in my head?
    It doesn’t to me, have any of you guys experienced this with chest pinning or any other spot?

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