Is musclebond gtg?

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  • They are on the verified sources list and they are only ones so far that I’ve found are taking payments from western union.

    I am not sure should I go with them as they are selling products such as test Onyx which has shown to be bunk.

    I’m first time buying steroids online and I need it for TRT. I have actually TRT prescribed but my country is a shithole when it comes to docs (I’ve been at 3 docs so far) and they only want me to take 250mg every 4 weeks or 200mg every 3.

    I am losing my mind.

  • I guess this is just gonna be copypasta now.

    We have an extensive review subsection from which you can easily digest current T/A reviews as well as anecdotal product reviews and user-submitted bloodwork. Each source also has a thread with which you can lodge general inquires, and all provide an email with which to get in contact. Take the time to vet your own sources and make a judgement call based on your specific needs, not just what other community members force-feed you. Take the time to take the proper responsibility of your cycle and health, to stay safe.

    I’m closing this thread as to not set precedent to ‘lol is X g2g’?

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