Synergy Forge Stupid (fast) T/A

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  • Placed an order on Tuesday (11/19), since I saw @“Synergy Forge” would be taking some time off for Thanksgiving, and I wanted some more of his gear on hand before he became unavailable. I emailed him my order in the morning, he got back to me an hour later with the BTC address, and I sent payment & shipping info that night after work. This fuckin’ guy gets back to me a minute later - no, not figuratively, I emailed at 5:20PM and he replied at 5:21PM - and says he’ll have it in the mail the next day. I know he probably just happened to be checking his protonmail at the right time, but he sent a personalized response message faster than most automated systems send out a copy-paste message. Less than 24 hours later, he provided tracking info without me asking. Pack landed by Friday (11/22), so basically 2 day Amazon Prime shipping. As expected, the order was correct and very well packaged. SF is killing it.

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