Misriah Test E250/ Anadrol 50mg/ TB500 5mg

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  • To start off I’d like to express how great of customer service I got with Misriah. I’ll go into detail on a T/A post after this if you’d like to read on that.
    As for the anecdotal review:
    The test was probably the most potent I have used. I ran 500mg for 12 weeks leading into a competition with compounding results every single week. No issues with the oils whatsoever and I actually had much less PIPS the entire cycle than I have had with other sources. I am prone to pretty bad PIPS so not having that nagging pain was a huge plus.
    The Anadrol was QUALITY. I ran 50mg for 4 weeks and 100mg for 4 weeks for a total of 8 weeks. Strength was higher than its ever been and it was noticeably taking effect within a week and a half. Nothing else I can say except that it was clearly pure and did it’s job EXACTLY as I needed it to.
    I ran the TB-500 at 5MG a week after my competition to get rid of some aches and pains I had developed over the course of my prep. Within two weeks I had zero joint pain, was recovering noticeably faster, and the small shoulder injury i had sustained completely disappeared. Pretty easy to say that it did its job 100%.
    All products were quality and I will continue ordering from Misriah in the future for sure.

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