Srx labs is totally legit

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  • Bought their winstrol, injectable sdrol, tren a, mast p.

    This is my 5th time running tren it’s dosed correctly and has the same sides I always get no pip and clean.

    Injectable sdrol (first experience) strong shit, I’m sure it’s legit but I cut it off a week and a half in. Just not my cup of tea.

    Mast p probably my 8th time running it, exactly what it should be. No pip giving me that grainy look. I take mast because it honestly just makes me feel good especially the sex drive.

    Winstrol dried me out legit stuff. Did start getting joint pain but I was lifting heavy for a while having fun.

    I’m 6’1 220 I train 6 days a week very solid diet and routine.

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