Limp Dick PM Only??

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  • No, I don’t have bloodwork yet to share. Yes I’m planning on seeing the doctor soon and getting the whole works done.

    As subject states, I’ve been having an issue with my dick wanting nothing to do with my girl 95% of the time in the evening. Wake up through the night with wood, and if I start caressing her or just squeezing her tight in the AM cuddling in bed before work or during the morning on the couch on weekends I’m ready to go. But for some reason at night it doesn’t respond. Even kissing/touching/eating her/her hand it’s usually like “no thanks.” Every once in a while she will graze it or we’ll be doing something and it’ll spontaneously decide its go time. And there was this weird evening trip to Gordman’s where I ended up walking around with diamond dick the entire time and was literally ready to fuck her brains out in the changing rooms for trying clothes on. I was downright predatory for about 20-25 minutes.

    Frustrating as you can all imagine. Any insight?

  • Hard to advise without blood work. If that turns out good it’s just in your head. Pop a Cialis or something

  • What are you taking?

  • ^^^^ Haha bro how the fuck are we supposed to have any insight when we don’t even know what you’re running? I get wanting a general idea of what you’re working with while you wait to get in for bloods and the doc, but give us something to work with my man.

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